The Boon Fly Cafe – Napa

Halfway between Sonoma and Napa, this cafe is safe bet. The breakfast menu is amazing. The homemade granola with organic yogurt was delicious, the bacon and eggs flatbread too.


Address: Carneros Resort and Spa, 4048 Sonoma Hwy, Napa, CA 94559

Visited on: 2017-01-03, 2017-01-06

One thought on “The Boon Fly Cafe – Napa

  1. Great post! We live in Napa and Boon Fly is one of our faves. So is Fremont Diner, one of your other cool posts. In fact, you’ve reviewed a lot of our go to spots, but also we’ve found some new wineries from reading your stuff. Keep it up! Check out our blog when you have some time to see some places that might be new for you:

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